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Ledgerback conducts research, builds tools and ecosystems, and develops courses and other educational resources to advance understanding and public knowledge of ideas, discoveries, and solutions emerging from the forefront of research, technology, governance, and innovation (i.e., the frontier) for the common good.


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Helpdesk ↗

Research desk helping members find information and track entities and topics.

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Jobs Board ↗

Find jobs and bounties at the frontiers and add yourself to the talent database.

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Find information to support your research needs.

Featured Projects

Distributed Governance Score Framework ↗

A framework for assessing governance in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

Distroid ↗

A discovery platform and newsletter for finding and tracking knowledge and noteworthy developments from the frontiers.

Moyo ↗

Explore a database of educational resources and schools from the frontiers to find and explore new topics and learn new skills.

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Introduction to Data Cooperatives

Welcome to the Introduction to Data Cooperatives course, an open-access introduction to the concept of data cooperatives as an emerging model for data stewardship in the digital economy!

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